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Built Through Collaboration, Fueled by Enthusiasm

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Kaas Wilson Architects was founded in 2007 to bring a fresh approach to architecture for multifamily housing and senior living. Since then we have built a unique architectural design firm using a team approach to better understand and create successful environments for living, working, and aging.


As a Minnesota-based firm with projects spanning the country, we bring the hearty work ethic midwesterners are known for to every worksite. Kaas Wilson is fueled by enthusiasm and built on a foundation of collaboration, with the goal of always providing a high level of service to our clients.

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We thrive in collaboration, working as a cohesive team that generates unmatched outcomes. From the beginning, our strong relationships with general contractors have been key to that success and to the high quality client experience we provide. Maintaining these collaborative relationships with contractors, where their role is equally valued, means projects are delivered on time and on budget, which makes for happy clients.


At Kaas Wilson, we work to design buildings that eliminate unnecessary challenges. To accomplish this, we ensure that everyone at every level—from ideation to creation to ongoing operations—has a voice in the design process. Often, the most important voices are the ones lower on the ladder—those who will use or manage the building day to day. The earlier in the process their voices are consulted, the better.

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How We Work

Listening to Our Clients, Crafting Solutions

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Our work is about more than drawing plans and elevations: it is about listening to our clients’ ideas, and from them, crafting well-designed architectural solutions.


Our team is exceptional in its ability to create positive solutions to complex buildings and interiors. We begin each project by listening to our clients’ goals and priorities. Then we use creative problem solving to create efficiencies, looking at all of the variables and considering how we can solve the puzzle in a way that maximizes our clients’ investment. 


And we’re great at what we do. While there is no such thing as a perfect set of architectural plans, we spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring every detail is as it should be. And we train our entire team to aspire to that level of conscientiousness from the beginning.

Why We're Here

Thinking Beyond the Plans

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Ultimately, our goal is simple. We want to create housing with a positive impact for people who need housing.


That’s why, while our work involves all kinds of commercial architecture, we gravitate toward affordable housing architecture, senior living architecture, and memory care and assisted living architecture. We want to create sustainable, affordable environments that allow people to advance in life…not just worry about the roof over their heads. We seek to create environments where people are able to fully enjoy their lives, and where their independence is maximized—in a word, places they can thrive


We also put a lot of thought into how our projects fit into the fabric of the community. We work to make sure each project is something neighbors and local businesses will be happy with. In other words, we want the buildings we design to contribute to the wider community. 

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What We Offer



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Our collaborative approach has produced award-winning projects in senior living architecture, market rate rental architecture, affordable housing architecture, historic building restoration, and rehabilitation. 

Click here to see some of the awards our team has collected over the years.

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